Monday, December 3, 2012

it's a holiday

As salam =D
 hahahaha. kesian dh lama ditinggalkn..

blog, sy selalu jenguk awk, tapi sy x usik awk, sy xtegur awk, sy dh lama x tulis kt sini kan.. well, ini namanya syg =p * konon ckp dgn blog* k, proceed..

so, topic for todayyy is # IT'S A HOLIDAY#  *teeeeeeeeeeettt*

duh, it's only for me.. another holiday to regain more strrength to go on with my new life in UPM.. yeay, luv upm..

huhuuhu.. it's really not a happy thing eventhough u got to be with ur family, ur mom. but, still. sick. chicken pox is not an easy thing to handle. it just attack, go wild all over ur body n the next day u'll be suprise !!!!
well. i confused a lot during this time. n i too made others confused such as the driver. i wanted to say one but then i actually said twelve ! the driver was certainly very angry =,= oh gosh...

not only that, sumtimes i just feel like fainting and all.. i can't do much work.. after 20-30 mins of using my laptop, everything will start to be blur out.  i cant a read thing with a blur image..

this is a really hard situation that i'm facing now. but, i'm glad i still have mom, she is taking care of me right now. alhamdulillah...

i hope, everything will be just fine after this.. i don't mind to face all this pain. coz i know this will make me stronger.. i believe in "sakit itu penggugur dosa".. i shouldn't be whining anymore..

yes, i miss upm.. dont know how much i've missed in my studies... it's getting nearer to finals n i miss class.. not a good thing yeah..

rindu nk g kelas semula, n jumpa insan2 penting ni =) 
see u guys soon =D

bubbly byeeee ~~

i miss swimming. i miss my swimming class... n i got a shocking news that we're having test 2 on 15th dec 0,0 omjayyy 

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